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The official Page of Ran Barker and his work on over 30 Sitcom TV Series including “FRIENDS”, “ER”, “WEST WING” and “LIVING SINGLE” and his work on feature films “BORDER TO BORDER”, “I'M THE ONE THAT I WANT”, “FUGLY”, “APPLE JACK”, “NOTORIOUS C.H.O.”, “CHO REVOLUTION”, “STARCROSSED”,  the Oscar Nominated “LAST BREEZE OF SUMMER” and “BUZZED” (Project Greenlight Top 10 finalist.  This webpage also contains his work at HBO, Warner Bros. and CHO/TAUSSIG Productions.  Ran Barker attended Tarleton State University (Texas A&M University), Hardin-Simmons University and UCLA after graduation from Hawley High.   Ran lived in Abilene, Hawley, Hodges, Plano and Arlington, Texas before moving to Los Angeles (Burbank) in 1989.  Ran has worked with George Clooney, Eric La Salle, Noah Wylie, Matthew Perry, Matt La Blanc, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Jack Stahlmann,  Andy Beckman, Mark Whiting, Justin Gorence, Dan Wulkan, Margaret Cho, Lorene Machado, Charlie David, Ron McCoy , CB Allen, Charlie Allen, Daniel Bess and others   List of Favorite movies such as RUDY,  ARTHUR, GOOD WILL HUNTING, CITY SLICKERS, ANIMAL HOUSE, SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, AND GOD SPOKE,  Randy Barker Randall Lee Barker, Ran Barker, Ran L Barker, "Prince Ran" Randall Lee Kyle Chase Monroe

Ran Barker grew up on his families Farm/Ranch in West Texas. He graduated from Tarleton State University/Texas A&M and moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to pursue an acting career. He studied film at UCLA and AFI and appeared in over 100 national commercials, feature films and TV series before joining Warner Bros. in 1989 to became Department head of Corporate Services for 6 years before becoming Administrator of TV in 1994, working on ER, Friends, Living Single, Suddenly Susan, & 30 other shows.

In 1997, he went to work with John Wells Productions and worked on the productions of ER, Trinity, West Wing, Adversaries & Third Watch. He left JWP in 1999 to do indie films such as Border to Border (1998), "Game Day", Fugly (2001) and "I'm The One That I Want", _Apple Jack (2001)_ , Puzzled (2001) and Notorious C.H.O. (2002).

His projects have won several film festivals including Best Comedy - New York Int'l Film Festival, Best Film - Las Vegas Int'l Film Festival and Top 10 finalist in Project Greenlight. He is currently working at Warner Bros in the film Mastering Dept and doing indie films on the side.

Ran has worked with Make a Wish since 1992.

Daniel Bess

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Prince Ran

"Prince Ran" Randall Lee kyle Chase Monroe

"Prince Ran" Randall Lee kyle Chase Monroe

ALSO Links to the official Site of Jack Stahlmann and his company Pen 15 Productions at,  Jack  "Jackson" Stahlmann , Stuart Ray University of Texas Cheerleader from Houston, Texas, son of  Don Ray

Jack Stahlmann's new film "The Fifteen Minute Movie". After growing up in Minnesota, Jack attending college in Indiana, and trained professionally in Chicago at Steppenwolf and The Second City.  Jack decided that 15 degrees was still 50 degrees shy of his goal of February warmth.  Thus, he came to LA in September of 2002.  Since then, he has worked on three student films, an industrial video, a widely acclaimed independent short (visit, and has dabbled in the soap opera genre acting on Days of Our Lives.  Jack also works in the production end of the business they call show, assisting in the latest live concert from Margaret Cho, Cho Revolution. 


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BURBANK, CA 91505       



Directors Guild of America   Los Angeles, CA                                                      February 2002 to December 2002

Signatory Representative (Short Term)


Cue Tech Teleprompting             TV Academy North Hollywood

     Formatted scripts for Award Show, Music Videos and film/TV productions.  Clients: VH1 Awards, Latin Grammy’s, *NSYNC, Hilary Clinton, MTV Awards, Farm Club, Movie Surfers, Angel Awards, Emmy pre-show and others.   Coordinating crews and acting as liaison with production companies and responsible for sales.


Warner Bros.          Burbank, CA

John Wells Productions               ER, WEST WING, TRINITY, THIRD WATCH and ADVERSARIES


Administrator of Television                                                                                        August 1995 to December 1998

 Managed Facilities for independent producers and Departments such as Main Production and shows: ER, Friends, Lois & Clark, Suddenly Susan Jamie Foxx, Chicago Sons, Living Single and others.


Department Head of WB Corporate Services for Corporate/Finance                         December 1989 to August 1995

        Administrate day-to-day operations and maintenance to the Senior Financial Officers and their staff. Responsibilities included: management of office space for over 400 personnel; coordinated all in-house moves (including space planning, purchasing of all furniture and equipment; coordination with Telecommunications and Information Systems Departments and supervision of relocation crews); scheduled and tracked costs of projects (i.e.- new construction, remodeling, staff relocation); acted as liaison to building management, outside vendors, other divisions within the company, Architects, Space planners and construction coordinators.  Managed staff.


ASI/Dallas (Architectural Graphics) Dallas, TX                                   August 1985 to November 1989

Project Manager/ Franchise Supervisor/ Marketing Service Representative

       Responsible for purchasing raw materials and finished product, drafted manufacturing specifications and presented submittals to Architects.  Acted as liaison between contractors and Architects.  Projects include Cooks Children's Hospital, American Airlines, Lincoln Property Company.    Maintained and serviced accounts of over 3,000 established clients


Special Event Committee- Tarleton State University        Stephenville, TX       Fall 1982 to Spring 1984


     Served as Board Chairman, governed over booking, promoting, scheduling and coordinating such events as concerts for the Go-Gos, A Flock of Seagulls and David Brenner.  Served as concert host and M.C.



Tarleton State University/Texas A&M     BBA, 1985                                                                Finance/Architecture

Film Actors Lab/AFI                                                                                                                   Acting/Film Industry  

UCLA                                                                                                                                                                 Film


Computer: Word, Front Page, Access, MS DOS, Swish, PC and Mac





Line Producer   

APPLE JACK   (2003)   35mm short film from the Creator of  “THE IRON GIANT” 



BUZZED (2002) Director Mark Whiting    (Top 10 Project Greenlight Finalist 2002)  





Associate Producer   UPM/1st AD 

TOYOTO Short Film   (2002)





Associate Producer    UPM/1st AD 

NOTORIOUS C.H.O.   (2002)   Feature film starring Margaret Cho   





Line Producer 

PUZZLED      (2001) 35mm feature film starring Mariah O'Brien, Bryce Johnson, Sullivan Sullivan &  Jordon Ladd                                      

Musk Entertainment.




Line Producer 

SEA DEVILS     (2001) 35mm Feature Drama - Development and Pre-production  





Unit Production Manager   

I'M THE ONE THAT I WANT- (2000)  35mm feature starring Margaret Cho (4-camera shoot)






FUGLY  (2000)  Video Short -Comedy  starring Neil Mather  

FUGLY Prod.  




Co- Producer     

THE VAULT   (2000) 35mm Feature comedy-Development and Pre-production                                           





Producer/Executive Partner           UPM/2nd AD  

BORDER TO BORDER  (1999)  35mm Feature comedy Distribution: Independent Artist          Winner: NY Int'l and Las Vegas Int'l Film Festivals

STAGE 15 Productions




1st  A.D.



1st  A.D.      

"NOTORIOUS C.H.O"                                                   


1st  A.D.      

"LIFE 360"                                                                         

PBS Productions

1st  A.D.      



1st  A.D.      

"61" Billy Crystal Project                                                   


1st  A.D.      

"STRANGER INSIDE"                                                   


1st  A.D.      


Fugly Productions




2nd A.D.



2nd A.D.


Musk Entertainment

2nd A.D.

"GAME DAY" HDVID short film                                      


2nd A.D.

"BORDER TO BORDER"                                              

Stage 15 Productions

2nd A.D.

"SUNBIRD Commercial"                                                    

JAM Productions

Intern/2nd  2nd A.D.


Warner Bros. TV





Developed  3 Independent Projects   (1999)

M2 Prod- WB

Daniel Bess

Daniel Bess

Ran Barker 

The Official Page of Ran Barker

 HRH Prince Ran

"Prince Ran" Randall Lee kyle Chase Monroe

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