This is the gang filming "BORDER TO BORDER" in Seattle

 We are in a little cafe across from the FARMER MARKET. 

Who knows what I'm pointing at


seattle shoot.jpg (33485 bytes)

George Clooney and I after his last shot on ER and before the all night party.   I got 2 hours sleep before I had to be back to work the next day.... and I didn't sleep in the production office-lol- 

Hey Steve... Where was it you slept again??

George and Ran.jpg (23169 bytes)

Here is the Gang shooting "BORDER TO BORDER" on the WB RANCH in Burbank, CA.  I actually live across the street from this lot.      The house we are shooting at is the old PARTRIDGE FAMILY house.


WB Ranch .jpg (60389 bytes)

Here is Margaret Cho and I while we were taping "LIFE 360" 

We didn't have any camera assistants so I got to do the duties as well as AD (Assistant Direct)

What a fun shoot and the best part was we finished early everyday.


Goofing around at Warner Bros. with Chris Ruffing

 At a Warner Bros Party


-- or should I say TRYING to surf


I cut my hair short and now everyone thinks I'm this guy

James Hetfield -- lead Singer of Metallica

Oh Well- At least they don't think I look like Opie anymore- LOL


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