In 1987, I was looking for a new job after a layoff at a Architectural company I was working at in Dallas.   I had several hours between interviews, so I pulled over into a parking lot of a shopping center to check out the the classifieds when I spotted a large ad that read "LOOKING FOR NEW TALENT - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY",  I was shocked when I realized it was the building  I was parked in front of.  I thought it would be funny to check it out so I went inside and read a short M&M commercial on camera.  I went on to my interview and when I arrived home, I had several urgent messages for me to call the agency.  I called them and they said a casting agent had seen me do my audition and wanted to offer me a small part in a commercial.  I thought there had to be some catch but they assured me they were not trying to sell me something and wanted to know if they could send my tape, along with others to Oliver Stone.  I just figured they were trying to impress me and I said it was fine as long as it didn't cost me anything.


The next day, I went into to talk to them about the commercial and sign the contract.  I was still very leery they were just trying to sell me classes or headshots.  I was in one of the agent's office and she had to take a urgent call.  Her last words on the phone were " He's in my office now, I'll let him know".  She said it was Oliver Stones' office and they only wanted to see one person from all the tapes they had sent overnight and it was me.  My first thoughts were "YEAH RIGHT" but it was actually true.  I interview with him the next week and over the next few years I had a great time playing and getting paid for it.  I guess there was a huge market for an "OPIE" look alike -LOL.   I worked mainly in the Dallas area for the first few year and in 1989, after my agent ran off with all my money, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my career.  My career shifted directions when I took a job at Warner Bros and I started working behind the scenes and  I gave up the acting.  I've appeared in some of our films lately but I love working behind the scenes.


Born of the 4th of July (Director Oliver Stone)

Dead Solid Perfect (HBO Pictures)

Night Of The Eagles (Vandell Productions)

Talk Radio (Director Oliver Stone)

Border To Border



DALLAS (Regular 1987 and 1988)

Little Girl Lost (ABC MOVIE)

Fire and Rain (Delta 191 Story- USA Network)


David Brenner. GO-GO's ,  Flock of Seagulls,  Shields and Yarnell,  Louise Mandrell


Molson Beer (National)

Radio Shack (National)

National Baseball Commissions (Played Nolan Ryan-National)

Pilgrams Pride (National)

Wisconsin Lottery

J.C. Penney (National)

Lexington Suite Hotels (Worldwide)


Bahia Mar Resorts

Camp Rolling Hills

Tarleton State University Recruitment Material


Bachelor's Baby (Lead)

No Greater Love (Lead)

The Clown (Principal)

Pictures above 

I look like Opie Taylor-LOL

My favorite is the one on the bottom- It still makes me laugh- looks like a 1980's album cover for some cheesy lounge singer.

Long hair pics are from "BORN ON THE 4th OF JULY" 

The DALLAS  headshot with the cowboy hat is pretty funny too.

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