BEHIND THE SCENE story from the movie "BORDER TO BORDER"

We wanted to start filming in Seattle and travel back down, so the entire crew had to first drive directly to Seattle.  Brandon had acquired a 1970 beat up FLAIR RV with really ugly orange carpet.  I'm pretty sure this RV was not even cool in the 70's.  Someone had to drive it to Seattle from Los Angeles and I got that lovely task.  I recruited Shawn McClintock, Paul Eppleston and Jeremy Becker to come along and help with the long drive.  All the vehicles drove in a caravan and about 50 miles out of LA, the other cars pulled over and said that we were weaving, we told them that we smelled gas and upon further investigation we realized that the exhaust was leaking into the air-conditioner.  We didn't have time to take it back to LA so we rolled down the window, turned off the air and continued on.  Within two hours everyone in the caravan had run off and left us and we were on our own.  We decided to just have fun, so we made a sign in the window that read "MTV ROAD RULES" and took out the video camera and started filming while we were in traffic, people were honking and waving at us, yelling out their windows, taking pictures.  We made our own little film as we went.  Shawn and I took the first turns at driving and after 8 hours we decided to take a nap on the bed over the cab as Jeremy and Paul took turns driving.  Shawn and I were laying head to feet and fast asleep when Jeremy hit the brakes and sent us tumbling forward, my elbow stuck Shawn in the crotch and he surged up in pain and struck his head on the top of the camper, then Jeremy took off again send both of us sailing to the ground.
Sixteen hours later, we were able to hookup with the rest of the crew and as we came out of the RV, dirty, battered, bruised and looked like we were stoned from all the gas fumes and driving with the windows down.  We were loud and wild and everyone was staring at us.
We decided to drive the rest of the way instead of staying the night with the crew and soon got back on the road.  The next morning we were near Washington and stopped in to see Jeremy's parents.  They lived in a large old home with these huge weeping willows in front.  As we drove in, I though we could make it under the trees........... I was wrong........... and we took half of one of those trees with us - Once  we stopped we realized that the tree we had pruned had a HISTORICAL MARKER on it-- we freaked, thinking we had killed an historical marker-....... Jeremy put it up on that tree as a joke years ago.
Mid morning, I was driving and everyone was asleep and I announced " I NEEEED A COKEEEE"  Seeing an exit, I turn off the freeway and what looked like a straight ramp suddenly became almost a U TURN.  The roads were slick and we could not slow down  fast enough-- by this time--- EVERYONE was awake and watching us slide toward the side of a  brand new pickup at the intersection.---luckily for us, the light changed and he zoomed out of our way as we came to a stop where his truck had been..........That was the last time I drove ......that day.
 It took us a total of 30 hours straight to drive to Seattle from LA.- On the way back to LA, the RV overheated several times, the transmission fell out and had to be replaced, and we backed into several other cars, trees and various other obstacles that seems to get in its way.........when we got it back home-- it still had tree moss in it from hitting that weeping willow at Jeremy's parents house.  I was glad that I had been a part of the group that drove the RV, it was like we had earned our stripes.  We had an adventure that the others missed out on. Thanks guys for making the trip so much fun!
There were a few casualties of our trip:

 Several branches from an Historical Tree 

Several highway markers 

2 bumpers 

49 unhappy motorist-behind us on 2 lane road

 1 bike tied to the top that didn't make clearance

 1 parking meter 

1 transmission 

and the Toilet in the RV........................the biggest causality


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