This recipe makes (3) thin pecan pies

**Divide this recipe in half for

 (1) Deep dish Pecan Pie**



1 stick of butter (8 TBSP)

1-1/3 Cups sugar

1 Bottle of Karo light Corn Syrup (16 fl. oz)

4 Large Eggs

3 cups chopped pecans

3 Pillsbury Pet-Ritz frozen pie crust (9" Regular) or Pillsbury Pet-Ritz Frozen pie crust


Preheat oven at 300 degrees

Melt stick of butter and put in frig to cool.

Mix the sugar and Karo Syrup well

blend in eggs and cooled butter – (don’t over beat them)

Add pecans and mix all with a spoon

Pour equal amounts into the (3) frozen 9” Pillsbury Pet-Ritz Regular pie crust or use Rollout Pillsbury Pet-Ritz Pie crust and pie pan

Place all three in the middle rack in the oven

Bake at 300 degrees for 45-55 minutes

Pies are ready when the center of the pie become jelled – toothpick can be put in center and if it comes out clean – it is ready

Pies will get darker and more set after they are removed from the oven


3 Pillsbury Pet-Ritz frozen pie crust (9" Regular)

 NOTE- Make sure you get REGULAR Size pie crust-


I think these taste the best - We have tried almost all the store brands and these are the best but hard to find- It's easier to find the frozen Pillsbury Pet-Ritz pie crust sheets that you can put in a pie tin.


I use this type of salted butter- it seems to work best for this recipe  

And 1 and 1/3 cups of sugar

No certain brand is required

Use (4) Large eggs -

No certain brand is required

1 Bottle of Karo light Corn Syrup (16 fl. oz)


Pecan-the most important ingredient

 Make sure they are clean and have a good taste-many pecans are picked green and have no taste-

Bad pecans = bad pecan pie



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